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Wedding Ceremony Types

It is useful to know that regardless of the time of day you hold your ceremony, the style of dress, the size of the guest list, and the type of meal served largely define the wedding category you are operating in.


A formal wedding ceremony usually sticks very closely to traditional wedding rites. The ceremony often takes place in a church, temple, or other holy place. The reception is generally large and fancy, both in decor and attire, and features a full bar, semi-buffet or sit down meal of either lunch or dinner served at a club, large home or hotel. The bride often wears a full-length gown with a train and veil; the groom a cutaway or tailcoat. The number of guests is above two hundred people.


Semi-formal weddings are slightly less elaborate and more flexible than formal weddings. The vows may be less traditional. The ceremony can occur in a holy place, or be performed in a home, garden, club or hotel. The reception may be held in a restaurant, club or hotel. The meal is usually a buffet – but teas, brunches, and cocktail buffets are now growing in popularity. A soft bar may be provided (wine, beer, and soft drinks). The bride may wear a long gown and veil; the groom a tuxedo, suit, or jacket and tailored pants. The number of guests ranges from seventy-five to two hundred people.


Informal weddings run the gamut, but are generally small and simple. The ceremony may be held in a home, garden, or at City Hall with a reception following. Snacks, hors d’oeuvres, or a simple one course buffet meal and cake may be served with champagne and/or another beverage of choice. The bride may wear a suitable dress or suit of any color and length. The groom may wear a suit or jacket of choice. The number of guests is under seventy-five.

Specialty Service:

At the Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter, we specialize in ethnic weddings and receptions. Our Certified Wedding Planners will be delighted to work with your approved Caterer to organize and coordinate your meal arrangements. From past weddings held at our hotel, we have also become very familiar with a variety of vendors we enjoy working with. Click here to view an outline of these vendors with a list of names and contact information to make your day memorable.